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Immediate dentures, as the name implies, are placed immediately after the natural teeth are removed. This procedure begins by taking impressions of the mouth while the natural teeth are still present.  We are then able to fabricate a denture in the likeness of the natural teeth, or make any necessary modifications the patient requests such as tooth color or tooth size. When the natural teeth are extracted, the immediate denture is then inserted.


A conventional full removable denture is made and placed in the mouth after all remaining teeth have been removed and tissues have healed. This could take several months. Once healed, dentures are custom made. From preliminary impressions, final impressions, esthetic try-ins through to the finished product, specialized procedures, materials and equipment are used to ensure a precise fit to simulate correct jaw movement and function.


A removable partial denture is usually made to replace one or more teeth, and is customized to a patient's specific requirements. Removable partial dentures restore a person's natural appearance and greatly improve the ability to chew and speak clearly.

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