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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant-supported Dentures are an increasingly popular option for replacing missing teeth rather than conventional bridges or partial dentures. Implants, used in conjunction with an over denture can provide a patient with a fixed denture solution. That's right, no more Polident or other adhesives! Many patients with Implant-supported Dentures can eat foods they were previously afraid to attempt in public places, thus greatly increasing their quality of life. Implants are inserted directly into the jawbone, acting like the root system of natural teeth. The denture is then securely fixed to the implants such that a patient is scarcely aware of an appliance in his/her mouth.


Do you find your dentures feel loose or uncomfortable?
Like you, many denture wearers feel this way. Dental implants are a technology that allows denture wearers to restore quality they previously enjoyed.


Would you like to eat your favourite foods again?
Fruits, salads, steak and all your other favorite foods are within reach when considering Implant-supported Dentures.


Are there any health benefits to implant supported dentures?
Implants minimize further bone loss due to bone stimulation. They enable the eating of a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and raw vegetables. They provide stability and comfort, therefore increasing functionality.



Our patients usually have a lot of questions when it comes to implants and implant-retained dentures. To help you answer some of those questions in the short-term, here are some of the most common questions you might have yourself:


Will I need to be put to sleep to have the procedures done?
No. Dental implant or implant-retained denture procedures can be carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic by a qualified dental surgeon. This means you are awake throughout the treatment, but the area of your mouth being treated is completely numb.


How do I know if this will work for me given how long I've been in conventional dentures?
While denture implants are increasingly popular they are not appropriate for everyone. You need to have healthy gums and a sufficient bone density to allow the implants to integrate successfully with the bone.


What if I already have a few implants that are replacing missing teeth?
True North Denture & Implant Centre can design the denture to align with the existing implants (and possibly adding any needed additional ones), while coordinating this treatment with the dental surgeon.

* Any further questions with Implant-supported Dentures? Please call True North Denture and Implant Centre for a Free Consultation to see if Implant-supported Dentures are right for you.

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